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Pierre-Louis, a portrait of an artist

As a young child, I spent my afternoons with my grandfather in his garden in the Provence in the south of France. I marveled at the driveway lined with blue irises and pink poppies. From the pergola of the small shed one could see the orchard, made up of magnificent fruit trees, the vegetable garden and the collection of fragrant roses.

This is where my passion for plants, trees and flowers was born. As a teenager, I arranged gardens, designed and made flower arrangements for my loved ones and during my university studies, I worked at a florist where I learned the craftmanship. After several years spent in the company, I choose to live my passion.

After a thorough training at the School of Florists in Paris, I went to work with florists in London, Denmark, Belgium, Spain and many more countries.


Today, I offer you my know-how and my passion to enchant your events, small or large, with unique creations.

My job consists of listening to your desires and, with those in mind, create decorations and bouquets with quality and seasonal flowers. I will give your parties and events the magic and emotions they deserve.

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