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Floral arrangements created to enchant your life.

Wedding, fashion show, gala, corporate event, inauguration,dinner with friends, birthday parties. In France as well as in Europe. I design and realize your floral creations on time and within budget. Organized and reliable, I work on your project in accordance with precise specifications so they will match your personality/needs. The project is yours.


In love and respect of flowers, I always favor seasonal plants which I select from local producers in order to work with top quality flowers only and to support the profession of horticulturist. Flowers are life. I repackage the table bouquets at the end of each event, so that they may be offered to the guests. Thus the party continues with the bouquets.

Since my very young age, I am passionate about flowers and gardens. I offer you bouquets all in lightness, poetry and freshness. This is my reason for being / sense of living.

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Philipa Lepely

Flowers by Pierre Louis Dupy
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